Terrible Opinions

Matthias kicks off Terrible Opinions with an optimistic outlook on Trump’s administration. He asks us what success or failure would look like with Trump, pointing out that having extreme rhetoric before he has even taken office will only undermine your credibility. Jordan and Brandon agree that even in a best-case scenario, surviving four years of Trump does not mean America should risk taking on four more.

Jordan shares a Terrible Opinion about “La La Land,” contradicting the critics by expressing her disappointment in the film’s downer ending. She criticizes the film for trading on classic Hollywood touches and charm, then sidelining its audience with a postmodern ending.

Brandon was apparently unwise enough to share a Terrible Opinion on Facebook this week and received many many responses to a status about the dangers of making depression trendy. We talk about how as a society, we celebrate too many things that shouldn’t be celebrated.

#RepresentationMatters for #GamerGate too

Brandon talks about his experience as part of GamerGate as an example of people being shouted down by the extreme left, saying that “GamerGate showed that people with a lot of different views can come together and fight for something.”

Matthias points out the privilege gap when it comes to male tech industry figures who elevate women: Men who have already built their careers and been successful can afford to pass up tech panels and other opportunities and point out women who can represent their part of the industry instead.

Jordan believes the problem comes from people who think “diversity” means shouting down other opinions and marginalizing groups instead of simply celebrating how far we’ve come. As an example of a small step forward, she shares what it was like to vote in an election with historic choices that let her see someone like herself on the presidential ballot for the first time.

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